Dell's gaming brand "Alienwear" re-designs their Area-51 gaming tower and sports the latest processor - Haswell-E, a liquid cooling system and the new chipset by Intel X99.
The new version of the desktop has a unique three-sided design, which Alienware calls "triad". Both side panels are removable, offering access to the motherboard, video card slots, and hard drive trays.
The new Area 51 supports up to three full-width GPUs, up to five hard drives (2.5" and 3"), DDR4 memory, all powered with a 1.5K watt power supply and of course 9 programmable lighting zones.
The tower measures 638.96mm (D), 272.71mm (W), 569.25mm (H) and weights around 20kg (45pounds).

Bare in mind that a fully loaded Alienware Area-51 can hold three 4K displays with a combined 11520x2160 resolution. (8-core Haswell-E processor, three graphics card in SLI or CrossFire powered by a 1.5kW PSU, 32GB of DDR4 memory, and SSDs).

According to Dell the new Alienware Area 51 is designed for upgrades.

Shipping will start on October but no word from DELL about the price yet.

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